Speech of Managing Director

          The National Cement Company (NCC) is one of the leading companies in the Middle East, as it has  more than 60 years expertise. Therefore, the responsibility of managing this entity and maintaining its leadership in the light of current market conditions require finding innovative and non-traditional solutions depend manly on the experiences and competencies available at NCC  and rehabilitation and renovation of all sectors.

            I call on my colleagues to exert more efforts to achieve our wishes and aspirations and to make our company always at the forefront.

            When talking about aspirations and ambitions, we target precious  goals we have to achieve. However, wishes are not enough but should involve great challenges and sound scientific planning accompanied by hard work to keep up with current market requirements. Meanwhile. we have to make good use of our capabilities and resources and make more efforts in order to make our great entity more powerful in era needs creativity, innovation, continued development to support competitiveness and deepen the desire to survive.

            We are confident that we will remain in the foreground and we pledge to move forward in expansion, research, development and loyalty to our company and our customers.

            We hope This site represents an actual opportunity to have good knowledge to our company and our products and to make communication with us simple & easy. It is a true and clear mirror or the current status  in all sectors of  the company.

Peace be upon you.


 Eng. Mohamed H. Radwan

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