Important information concerning using cement




cement should be covered in rainy and humid environment




Cement should be placed on wooden bases




Number of rows of stored cement bags must not exceed ten rows




Cement should be stored in a dry place, away from moisture


Environmental considerations


             It is recommended to avoid disposing cement in sewage or draining networks and to follow the instructions of local environment bodies



It is recommended to re-test cement 6 weeks after production date

Health risks



If cement comes in contact with skin it causes skin dryness or redness




If Cement comes in contact with eye it causes Keratitis and eye irritation




Inhalation of cement dust causes irritation of the respiratory system


First aid



When skin gets in contact with cement, wash skin with soap and water, use skin moisturizing cream and consult your doctor




When eye gets in contact with cement, wash your eye with plenty of  pure water and consult your doctor


Instructions for optima l cement use


For best results it is recommended to do the following



To follow cement storing instructions




To be sure of validity of water used in cement mixture




It is preferred to use cement before reaching half of validity period




To wash thoroughly the aggregates used in concrete mixture




Used aggregates should be free from clays and organic impurities.




To dry mix cement with sand and gravel before adding water to ensure mixture  homogeneity.




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