Environmental Policy

NCC, the leader in manufacturing of cement and building materials, give great interest to the field of environment, so it is committed to the following


To Protect inside and outside environment from pollution, specially  emissions derived from both furnaces and industrial processes and noise which are well known with their bad effects on environment.



To Comply with legal requirements of environmental laws and legislations.



To Apply occupational labor health and safety procedures and to keep continuous environmental awareness.



Setting goals for all environmental activities and to be reviewed periodically.



Continuous improvement of environment management system through periodic review, in order to increase the efficiency of system performance.




      Procedures adopted by NCC aims to

To implement NCC' s policies in the field of environment protection inside and outside company, and,


To follow the environmental Law No. (4) for the year 1994, and,


To continuously maintain NCC' s achievements of outstanding performance level in this field, and,


To apply procedures and conditions of ISO 9001 and 14001 certificates obtained on 1998,1999 and certificate of conformity to theEuropean specifications (CE-Mark) – the export gate - to EU markets which are continuously subject to periodic auditing, and,


To assure that the international rate of emissions and the international quality of the product are met,


To achieve these objectives, NCC has considered the following procedures

First, for protecting internal environment


NCC participated in the international environment project under supervision of the EEAA and the World Bank and purchased two units to vacuum, sweep and sprinkle the dust in the sub-roads inside company.



NCC has also updated cement packing systems; in order to ensure cleanliness of internal environment and free of  air suspended and inhaled dust, and to reduce them below the legal limits.


In addition, NCC has cultivated an area of 100 acres to improve company environment.


Second: For the external environment


             Improvement of external environment may be achieved by two ways; to improve the land surrounding NCC, and to improve the air around NCC.


To improve NCC' s surrounding land, NCC has contracted with a specialist contractor to compact the bypass dust accumulated over a large area of land extending from the highway to beginning of NCC's quarries (7 km east of the highway), of an area of approximately  3.6 million m2. After compacting accumulated dusts. NCC will cultivate this area in cooperation with Helwan governorate and the competent authorities.




NCC contracted with Aspro Co., specialized company in maintenance of all types of filters. this step resulted in reducing furnaces' emissions according to reports of Housing and Building National Research Center, which indicated that all emission measurements are less than 300 mg / m3 specified by the environment law.




NCC has launched a tender for environment improvement for factories 3 and 4 to reduce emissions down to 50 mg / m3, which is less than the  limits defined by the amended law (9 / 2009). Moreover, a similar tender will be launched for the precipitators of factories 1 & 2 for the same purpose to reduce emissions to 50 mg / m3.




As a contribution to the improvement of the external environment, with impact on the globe climate, NCC implemented the following two projects, known as clean environment projects (CDM) in cooperation with the Japanese Mitsubishi Co:




Converting fuel from Diesel  to natural gas, this technique was applied to lines 1, 3
and 4 and will result in reducing the rate of harmful sulfur gases emissions  to about 0%
and Reducing emissions of carbon dioxide, which increase the globe climate temperature, by about 300 thousand tons / year. NCC is a leader in such international
projects that improve globe climate




Producing environment-friendly cement, This project would result in reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 60 tons / year.




The two projects would reduce warm gas emissions (CO2) by about 360 thousand tons / year, which will result in an excellent impact on improving the environment






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