NCC believe that the human element is the basis for the proper implementation of plans to  increase and improve production. Thus, NCC utilize the available resources for the optimal investment in the human element to improve and upgrade its qualifications, capabilities and performance in order  to have an effective role in the economic and social development system. Meanwhile NCC management did not ignore the fact that these human forces' have personal needs and objectives that should be taken into  consideration. Accordingly, it is necessary to develop an integrated system able to achieve these objectives. Following steps have been taken accordingly

In health care field


NCC has built an integrated medical center equipped with latest diagnostic and therapeutic equipment and apparatuses (including dental and physical therapy clinics) in addition to a pharmacy with all needed drugs. Besides, NCC has contracted with the best hospitals, specialized medical centers, medical laboratories, doctors and pharmacies to provide high levels of services to employees.



It was agreed with contracted hospitals, specialized medical centers, medical laboratories, doctors and pharmacies to provide their services to pensioners with the same prices. In a future step, we will study extending this service to employees' families and to enjoy the same privileges given to company


In training field


Concentration was made on different training methods and techniques in addition to the proper elaboration of  training programs affecting the behavior of  human element and his ability to adapt working conditions. So, NCC has built a vocational training center to serve the people of the region. includes 6 specialized technical departments outfitted with necessary equipment, tools  and materials. It currently serves 150 students

Activating the role of Al-roa'a association for Training, Human Resources Development and Environment protection through holding scientific meetings, providing advices, conducting researches, studies and consultations in human resources development field, improving environmental performance and providing services to its members
NCC' s training center, in cooperation with South Cairo Region Branch of Production Efficiency and Vocational Training Authority, was supported with professional staff of teachers, Trainers and administrators and provided with modern theoretical and practical equipment. 372 students are studying currently in NCC' s training center, including members of staff' s families and students from outsider community. They are trained in different center sections; tin, filings, welding, auto (Electrical / Mechanical), Industrial electricity, cooling and air conditioning and Computer. The center aims to provide local labor market with highly skilled  labors in different important technical specialties. Some of  them are employed in NCC based on its needs
In the field of Securing human element's future; NCC increased the resources of its Social Solidarity Fund and Private Insurance Fund and granted their bonus to
workers to secure their future, either after retirement or in case of death
In the field of boosting employees' sense of belonging to NCC

NCC annually honors its workers'  scientifically outperformed sons   from primary 's to bachelor's certificates . The financial and in-kind awards are delivered in befitting ceremonies held in NCC' s club. Because NCC' s management believes in the positive impact of such activity  on employees and company as well, it has taken the necessary decisions to increase the awards in terms of  value and type


A special ceremony is  held each year to select ten employees to make Hajj at NCC' s expenses


NCC selected a day named illiteracy free day to be celebrated annually as an annual festival attended by officials from General Authority for Adult Education and Literacy. Besides, to encourage labors to erase their illiteracy, NCC increased the value of  literates' remuneration and provided each one of them with a copy of Koran as a gift. 912 workers were freed from illiteracy

NCC' s club Participates in many sports activities directed by Companies' Consortium competitions
NCC offers its employees and their families resorts in Alexandria, Ras El-Bar and El-Shurooq city
An annual conference addresses society problems under the patronage of governmental officials is being under study by a committee to suggest problems, select conference supervisors, topics, and workshops



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